A professional development solution just for nonprofits.

Merit is an anytime, anywhere microlearning platform just for nonprofit teams. Learners enjoy unlimited access to over 250 individual courses as they explore 28 learning paths through accessible video, audio, and text lessons, plus interactive digital workbooks, personal learning plans, and tons of support.

And nonprofit leadership can tap into team reporting, capacity assessment, and custom content hosting... building a culture of learning in a time- and budget-friendly way.

Two employees discussing nonprofit professional development sitting with laptops

How is Merit different?

We believe everyone deserves equitable access to quality nonprofit professional development.

  • Flat-Rate Pricing

    A full-year, budget-friendly, full team flat rate pricing model

  • Standards Alignment

    Alignment to the industry-standard nonprofit assessment, the iCAT, and the Korn Ferry Institute's Leadership Architect competency model

  • Team Analytics

    Reporting and metrics for how your team is progressing on the platform

  • Structured Learning Approach

    A structured microlearning learning model, following Bloom's Taxonomy, to ensure that real learning happens

  • Accessible Formats

    With different learning styles served, each learner and team gets tons of personalized help and encouragement!

  • Psychological Foundations

    The use of organizational and leadership psychology in the design, built on Team Merit's combined 35 years of actual nonprofit leadership.

Measurably grow your nonprofit team's capacity anytime, anywhere.

Carving out time for professional development can be tough. Our on-demand learning platform offers on-the-go microlearning in lessons available in video, audio, written, and closed-caption formatting...all of which are about 15 minutes in length.

And during the course of a year with Merit, your team members will earn digital credentials, while your organization can complete an optional benchmarking nonprofit capacity assessment (see sample report here) to show where your organization stands across 27 key functional areas that indicate nonprofit sector success, and where you could improved through the use Merit.

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How does Merit work?

Robust nonprofit professional development resources on a leading online learning platform

  • After enrollment, every team member (including part-timers, newbies, interns...everyone!) can access the Merit modules on any web-enabled device, any time. These modules include short, engaging lessons presented via video, audio, transcript, and closed caption content.

  • As learners progress through each of the 28 learning paths they are awarded certificates of completion to recognize progress. Each learner creates their own digital workbook which culminates in a personal learning plan.

  • Each organization can tap into robust reporting to celebrate engagement. Nonprofits in our platinum level can also post their own learning content and have a custom landing page.

Helping 3000+ nonprofit learners from all skill levels

Merit learners and leaders leverage an immersive, interactive, and intuitive professional development experience to not just earn badges but really bring their learning to life.

Here are just a few of their stories.

Brighter Future for our Organization

The impact of the first three courses has been nothing short of beneficial. They have not only proven to be incredibly educational and helpful to me but have also offered me a fresh perspective on the potential of our YMCA. These courses have supported me envision an even brighter future for our organization. The insights I've gained have highlighted the steps we should be considering to further enhance our operational effectiveness and achieve our goals. I can already see how these learnings will play a pivotal role in shaping our YMCA's path moving forward.

Shelley E

YMCA of Reading & Berks Co.

Building my "vocabulary"

This is the first nonprofit I've worked at, and my learning on Merit has really helped me fast-track my understanding of some of the unique vocabulary within the nonprofit sector. I'm able to better understand how my work fits within the bigger picture in my organization!


Not One More Vet

Elevate our Professional Development

Partnering with Merit has allowed for LiFT to better streamline our required trainings and elevate our professional development opportunities for our team members. With self-paced courses, team members are able to access trainings during their busy schedules and enhance their learning with meaningful subject matter such as Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Organizational Capacity, and LiFT-specific training courses.


Learning Independence for Tomorrow (LiFT)

Right Time, Right Price

Merit has become a staple in our learning and development offerings to employees. Employees are increasingly attracted to and retained by learning opportunities organizations offer. Merit helps round out our sources of learning and development, and thus, is an important component of our employee retention strategy.


Gulf Coast JFCS

Nonprofit-Focused Support

When I first engaged Merit, my primary goal was to get my employees the specific, nonprofit-focused support I felt would benefit them as they settled into their roles. What we ended up with was exactly that and more.


Not One More Vet

Takes the pressure off

Merit is an affordable learning platform we can all use at our own pace or together. It's flexible and the lessons are short and to the point which we all like since we're all so busy. Merit takes the pressure off of me to continuously search for and share learning materials while not knowing who read what. Now I can see what my team is working on and follow up with them or hold a discussion at a meeting about a Merit training.



Curious, but not ready to book a demo?

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This self-paced tour is housed right inside our Merit learning environment, so you'll have the chance to experience what Merit is like from the learner perspective. You'll have the chance to interact with our workbooks, see sample lessons, and learn about the tools and research behind Merit's approach.
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Merit in a Minute 🏆

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