A professional development solution just for nonprofits.

Nonprofits have unique needs and goals when it comes to training and cultivating their staff. Our all-in-one solution offers 28 learning paths for every team member to build their own abilities in core capacity areas.

And with snazzy reporting for your leadership, and personal learning plans for each staff member, you'll find team engagement at an all-time high.

Measurably grow your team's capacity anytime, anywhere.

Carving out time for professional development can be tough. Our on-demand learning platform offers on-the-go microlearning in lessons available in video, audio, written, and closed-caption formatting...most of which can be completed in 12 minutes or less.

And during the course of a year with Merit, you can enjoy a benchmarking nonprofit capacity assessment (see sample report here) to show where your organization stands across 27 key functional areas, and where you've improved while using Merit.

How does Merit work?

  • After enrollment, every team member (including part-timers, newbies, interns...everyone!) can access the Merit modules on any web-enabled device, any time. These modules include short, engaging lessons presented via video, audio, transcript, and closed caption content.

  • As learners progress through the material they are awarded bronze, silver, and gold digital badges to recognize progress. Each learner creates their own digital workbook which culminates in a personal learning plan.

  • Each organization can tap into robust reporting to celebrate engagement. Nonprofits in our platinum level can also post their own learning content and have a custom landing page.

Curious, but not ready to book a demo?

Try our self-guided tour!

This self-paced tour is housed right inside our Merit learning environment, so you'll have the chance to experience what Merit is like from the learner perspective. You'll have the chance to interact with our workbooks, see sample lessons, and learn about the tools and research behind Merit's approach.
Merit Self-Guided Tour Screen Shot