What to expect on the tour

This self-paced tour is housed right inside our Merit learning environment, so you'll have the chance to experience what Merit is like from the learner perspective. You'll have the chance to interact with our workbooks, see sample lessons, and learn about the tools and research behind Merit's approach.
Merit Self-Guided Tour Screen Shot

Your Tour Itinerary

The self-guided tour will showcase how Merit works for learners, leaders, and teams. Our stops include:

    1. Welcome! We're glad you're here!

    2. Where Everyone Begins on Merit

    3. Sample Lesson: What is organizational capacity?

    4. Sample Lesson: Why does nonprofit marketing matter?

    5. Merit's Learning Paths

    1. First Look: The Learner Experience

    2. Sample Lesson: Program Implementation Skills

    3. Sample Lesson: Skill Expansion Resources Related to Donor Cultivation

    4. Sample Lesson: Skills Self-Check: Environmental Context

    5. Pushing Learners Further

    6. Sample Lesson: Reflection Exercise: DEI in Your Nonprofit

    7. Sample Lesson: Personal Learning Plan: Strategic Planning

    8. How We Recognize & Connect Learners on Merit

    1. The Leader Experience on Merit

    2. Maximizing Merit for Teams

    1. Bringing Merit to Your Nonprofit

    2. Perks and Pricing

    3. Crunch the Numbers!

    4. Farewell (But first...)

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Why take this tour?

  • You want full information right now about what Merit is, how your team will benefit, and what it costs.

  • You enjoy gathering information before committing time to a meeting.

  • You want to check out Merit's potential before recommending it to your nonprofit's decision-maker.

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