Why take this course?

You care about the mission of your nonprofit and want to do your best as a board member, deepening your understanding of challenges and opportunities facing boards in 2023 and beyond. The Nonprofit Board Certificate Course is an on-demand learning experience designed for busy people who need practical information and tools about nonprofit boards.

Course Overview

4 modules, 7 videos (totaling 2 hours of instruction), and a 24-page workbook.

    1. Video: Welcome to the course!

    2. Download the Workbook (24 Pages, PDF)

    1. Video: Module 1 - The Role of a Board

    2. Short Quiz: The Role of the Board

    1. Video: Module 2 - Build an Effective Board

    2. Short Quiz: Building an Effective Board

    3. Tell Us: What will you do?

    1. Video: Module 3a - Know the Job

    2. Short Quiz: Roles & Responsibilities

    3. Video: Module 3b - What you need to know about finance

    4. Short Quiz: Finance

    5. Video: Module 3c: What you need to know about law

    6. Short Quiz: Nonprofit Law

    7. Tell Us: What will you do?

    1. Video: Module 4 - Work Well Together

    2. Short Quiz: Working Well Together

    3. Stay in Touch!

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content