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Finding the time (and the budget) for professional development can be tough. Merit is an affordable, on-demand learning platform that offers on-the-go microlearning in lessons available in video, audio, written, and closed-caption formatting...most of which can be completed in 12 minutes or less.

Merit Plans for Teams & Individuals

For organizations, Merit offers a full-team approach and each benefits level includes full access for your nonprofit's entire team.

For individuals, Merit offers the same all-access immersive experience with opportunities for kick-off coaching and ongoing connection with other Merit learners.

Review the benefits of each level here.

  • $1,800.00 / year

    Organization: Bronze

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  • $2,400.00 / year

    Organization: Silver

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  • $3,600.00 / year

    Organization: Gold

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  • $99.00 / month with 14 day free trial

    Individual: Monthly

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  • $990.00 / year with 14 day free trial

    Individual: Yearly

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What happens after sign-up?

Each Merit client will be contacted shortly after enrolling to walk through the following process.

  • Learner Enrollment

    For team enrollments, your organizational contact will receive an email confirming your level with additional instructions on enrolling your team members.

    For individuals, you'll immediately receive instructions via email on how to get started!

  • Benefits Applied

    For organizations that enroll at the silver and gold levels, and for individuals who sign up for an annual enrollment, the Merit team will apply the benefits listed on the benefits page shortly after your sign-up. Watch for emails from the team to ensure your benefits can go into effect as quickly as possible!

  • Check-In

    For all Merit enrollments, we check in with you a couple weeks in to make sure that you understand how to use the system and answer any questions you might have.

Want a free trial or personal tour?

We're happy to offer a free trial or a personal tour to give you a sense of how Merit can support your team! Just drop your email address below and the Merit team will be in touch.