Merit's Learning Paths

6 Capacities for Nonprofit Excellence

Merit presents 28 nonprofit professional development learning tracks, grouped into the six capacity areas identified by the Impact Capacity Assessment Tool ("iCAT"):

  • Leading
  • Learning
  • Resource-Generating
  • Managing
  • Overseeing
  • Planning

Leading Capacity

"Leading" is an organization's capacity to articulate a clear vision for itself and incentivize everyone to achieve that vision.

Learning Capacity

"Learning" is a nonprofit's capacity to collect, process, and use information about its programs, operations, and external environment for the purpose of furthering its mission.

Resource Generating Capacity

"Resource generating" is the capacity of an organization to raise the funds and other resources that it needs to operate, as well as its ability to incentivize others to support the organization in doing so.

Managing Capacity

"Managing" measures an organization’s ability to utilize its human and financial resources in an efficient and effective manner.

Overseeing Capacity

"Overseeing" measures an organization’s ability to hold itself accountable financially and for the achievement of its impact.

Planning Capacity

"Planning" measures an organization’s ability to effectively make decisions and plan for the future.