Our mission is to help you achieve yours. The Nonprofit Help Center team works with nonprofits of all sizes to improve how they do what they do, and we have been supporting our clients' success since 2018.

How We Do It

We help nonprofits go from good to great through our quick-yet-robust, metrics-oriented capacity assessment.

Through our signature product, Merit, we give nonprofit teams a powerful tool to improve how they do what they do.

We are a one-stop-shop for team development, offering coaching, custom workshops, and strategic facilitation.

Why We Do It

After decades of time spent in the nonprofit sector, we believe:

  • Each nonprofit mission comes to life only through its people. When we support the people, we support the mission.

  • While what nonprofits do may differ, how we they do it is remarkably similar.

  • Every nonprofit team member deserves equitable access to quality professional development.

Who We've Helped

We've had the honor of working with a wide variety of nonprofits, some of which are listed below.