About this course

Proficiency Area: Managing.

Program Implementation is an organization's ability to effectively manage the quality of program implementation (direct service and/or advocacy efforts).

In the first lesson toward your gold Merit badge, you'll explore:

  • The basics of motivation, including how it ebbs and flows, and how it will support your program implementation work.

  • Tips for building and sustaining motivation when bringing your nonprofit's programs to life.

  • Four ways to get your team on board and excited about building this important capacity within your nonprofit.

Course curriculum

    1. What you can expect

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Motivation in Program Implementation Lens

    1. Getting Motivated About Program Implementation

    2. Motivating Your Team About Program Implementation

    3. Check your learning

    1. Getting (and Staying!) Motivated about Program Implementation

About this course

  • 7 lessons

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